Kadayawan 2017 Schedule, Map, and Highlights

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Written by Ria Jose

We’re almost halfway through 2017 and just around the corner is the King of Festivals, Kadayawan 2017. Already, the City of Government of Davao has held the Launch of Kadayawan 2017.

Once again, Davao City celebrates Kadayawan with a theme relevant to DavaoeƱos and the current situation in Mindanao: “Stand Tall. United. Resilient.”

Kadayawan 2017 Logo

Kadayawan 2017 Logo

Kadayawan is a unique festival experience because it is the only major festival in the Philippines that is non-religious in nature. It is a thanksgiving celebration that highlights the harvest of Davao region. More importantly, Kadayawan puts the spotlight on Davao’s indigenous people.

Kadayawan 2017 Media Launch

Recently, the City Government of Davao and the Kadayawan 2017 Committee held a Media Launch. The event was held at Marco Polo Davao last July 3. Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio was present at the Media Launch. Also present during the event were the Deputy Mayors representing the 11 Indigenous Tribes of Davao City.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte with the Deputy Mayors of the 11 Indigenous Tribes of Davao at the Kadayawan 2017 Media Launch. Photo by John Llamas of Juan Hobo.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte with the Deputy Mayors of the 11 Indigenous Tribes of Davao at the Kadayawan 2017 Media Launch.

During the event, the Official Logo and the Theme of Kadayawan 2017 were presented during the event. The Kadayawan 2017 Schedule of events was also presented with the different event chairpersons in attendance.

Kadayawan 2017 Schedule

Every year, Kadayawan celebrates the best of the culture of the tri-people of our city, Christians, Muslims, and Lumads. And Kadayawan 2017 is no different.

First on the schedule is the traditional Kadayawan Opening Ceremonies at Magsaysay Park on August 14.

Kadayawan 2017 Schedule

Kadayawan 2017 Schedule

The 11 tribes of Davao will take center stage at the Kadayawan Village from August 14 to 20, also at Magsaysay Park. In addition, the Kadayawan Village will feature the the Bantawan Cultural Show daily.

Subang Sinugdan will open the weekend festivities of Kadayawan 2017. This is a Fluvial Float Parade, starting at 7 am at the Tionko Field. After the parade, everybody is invited to witness the Panagtagbo . Panagtagbo is a reenactment of the first Davao Settlement along Davao River. The 11 Indigenous Tribes of Davao will also participate in this event.

Afterwards, the tribes will join the Dula Kadayawan scheduled at 9 am. Dula is both an exhibition and a competition among the 11 tribes. In the spirit of Kadayawan, it will feature different Tribal Games, also at the Tionko Field.

From August 18 to 20, food and entertainment will take the spotlight at Palma Gil Street, near People’s Park for at Ka’andayawan. It is a food, music, and arts festival on the streets. Entertainment by local artists will also be featured at the event.

Kadayawan 2017 Mall Events

Malls are hosting several Kadayawan events, as well. On August 19, Abreeza will stage Tunog Kadayawan, a musical competition. Tunog Kadayawan will bring together Mindanaoan musicans and songwriters in a unique musical competition to showcase their indigenous pop music compositions.

Meanwhile, SM City Davao will host Sayaw Kadayawan for Mindanaoan dance troupes. Participating groups will present Mindanaoan folklore, myths, and legends in the form of narrative dances.

Kadayawan 2017 Highlights

All roads lead to the USEP Gym on August 18 during the Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2017 Pageant. Hiyas sa Kadayawan is unlike other pageants in the country. It is exclusive to the representatives of the 11 tribes. The culture of the 11 Indigenous Tribes of Davao will take centerstage. Each candidate will dress in their traditional garb and will display her knowledge of Indigenous history and culture. The title of Hiyas ng Kadayawan goes to the lady who best embodies the spirit of Davao and Kadayawan.

On August 19, contingents from all over Mindanao will take over the streets of Davao City. Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan is probably one of the most prestigious festival dance competitions in Mindanao. It celebrates the Mindanaoan culture and history via choreographed and theatrical street dancing. The street dancing competition route is from Magsaysay Avenue to San Pedro Square.

And of course, the much awaited Pamulak sa Kadayawan Parade will be on August 20. Vehicles adorned by tropical fruits, vibrant flowers, and lush greenery from the farms of Davao will parade along the main roads of Davao. This is a must-see showcase of the abundance of the region and the artistry of DavaoeƱos. Pamulak will also follow the route from Magsaysay Avenue to San Pedro Square.

Concurrently, participants of the Pitik sa Kadayawan Drumbeating Competition will join the Pamulak Parade.

Finally, the Kadayawan 2017 Festivities will end with Lankuban sa Ka’andayawan. This will be an arts and musical show at Palma Gil Street, near People’s Park. A grand celebration to end Kadayawan 2017.

Kadayawan 2017 Map

Here’s a map corresponding to the Kadayawan 2017 Schedule.

Note: The Parade Route on the Map is not the final route. We will update the map once the Kadayawan 2017 Committee publishes the final route.

Moreover, other events and parties organized by independent organizers and establishments will also be held throughout Davao City the entire month of August. Come back here to My Davao City for more Kadayawan 2017 information.

Kadayawan 2017 will definitely be another Kadayawan to remember. Madayaw Davao!

For official updates from the Kadayawan 2017 Committee, like and follow the Kadayawan sa Davao Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/KadayawanFest.

Media Launch photos from Travelogue by Juan Hobo.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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