Taj Minar

Written by Ria Jose


For part two of the Davao Bloggers’ Food Trip, Ria, Blogie, Migs, Kim, Winston, Dom, Christian, and Tiara were treated to Indian food at Taj Minar. We were joined by Mr. Zafar Khan, Taj Minar’s owner, who explained to us the food we were about the feast on.


We all got to enjoy the Papadam, Biryani Rice, and Chicken Curry. The Papadam was crunchy and very flavorful, a good introduction to Indian food. It certainly made me excited to try out the other dishes on the menu. The Biryani Rice was served with vegetables. It was a perfect combination with the slightly spicy Chicken Curry.


Then, we were served the very rich and sweet Carrot Halwa, which is like a pudding. Finally, washed up everything with Chai Tea which smelled exotic but tasted just like any other tea.


Taj Minar is located at Damosa Gateway, along JP Laurel Avenue, in Lanang, Davao City.

Photos courtesy of Migs.

This post was written by Ria Jose

5 thoughts on “Taj Minar

  1. Blogie

    Ria, Taj Minar is only the 2nd part. First was Zakoya. Lachi’s wasn’t really part of the Food Trip, but it was what gave me the idea to organize it. 🙂

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