Taj Minar’s Curry Dishes

Written by Ria Jose

Fish Curry
Fish Curry (P160)

The Davao Bloggers once again visited Taj Minar, this time to try out their many curry dishes.

Papadam (P50), Samosas (P60)

We started out the meal with some savory appetizers that really made us want more Indian food.

Pratha BreadBasmati Rice
Pratha Bread (P70), Basmati Rice (P85)

To make our meal more enjoyable, they served us with Pratha Bread and BAsmati Rice to pair with their curry dishes.

Chicken CurryBeef Curry
Chicken Curry (P180), Beef Curry (P190)

Taj Minar served us three kinds of curry dishes: Chicken, Beef, and Fish. Each was different in a good way. My favorite among the three was the fish curry, mainly because they use tilapia. It’s a yummy salty curry dish that’s perfect with the Bismati Rice.

Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi (P65)

To refresh us while eating the spicy curry dishes, they served us Mango Lassi.

Carrot Halwa
Carrot Halwa (P90)

And to cap off the meal, they offered us with the ultra sweet and decadent Carrot Halwa.

Taj Minar is located at Damosa Gateway, along JP Laurel Avenue, in Lanang, Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

4 thoughts on “Taj Minar’s Curry Dishes

  1. mitch

    hello,i am currently looking for places to eat while in davao city.my husband who is pakistani is very particular because he only can have zabiha halal food,is taj minar serving halal?all the dishes ere very familiar to me as i cook it here in the states,i am davao born and bred so i am glad that we have these restaurants now.see you there

  2. ibraheem

    pakistani food is very good, im a Filipino but im in UAE now, i love to eat in Pakistani restaurant. Really their food so so nice…please try for those who didn’t go yet to this kind of restaurant…

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