Tribung Mindanaw

Written by Ria Jose

Get to know the history, arts, and culture of Mindanao and its people through the Tribung Mindanaw Exhibit

Tribung Mindanaw has an exhibit of native Mindanawans houses and community structures such as the Mananambal’s (Tribe healer’s) house, the Datu’s (Chieftain’s) house, and a Palay (Rice grains) processor. The guides tell the story of each structure and how these function in the community. The exhibit does not focus on just one tribe, but on many different Mindanawan tribes such as the Manobos and Bagobos.

Another highlight of the Tribuong Mindanaw exhibit are the afternoon cultural shows that showcases tribal music and dance. An emcee explains the significance and meaning of the music and the dances. And the performers even give the chance for audience members and guests to learn the dances and instruments.

It still needs more attractions and better training for the emcee and the guides. Nonetheless, it is a delightful experience for Mindanaoans to see, hear, and experience our history, art, and culture.

The exhibit is located at the Riverside Park (at the back of the Crocodile Park) along Diversion Road, in Maa, Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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